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SPOTTY AI has manifested itself into the physical world in many ways.

Be Machand Pro 3000/M
Hand of SPOTTY.

  • Moves faster and with greater precision than a human, and an off-the-shelf tool can be installed and commissioned quicker than special-purpose equipment.
  • Easily reconfigured – many times, it only takes a change of the program – an automated robotic assembly is a low-risk investment that simultaneously satisfies the demands of manufacturing, quality and finance.
  • Vision guides the robot to pick up a component from a conveyor, reducing or even eliminating the need for precise location, and visual serving lets a robot rotate or translate one piece to make it fit with another. Force sensing helps with part assembly operations like insertion, giving the robot controller feedback about how well parts are going together or how much force is being applied

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Be Matrix 440T
Eye of SPOTTY.

  • 4K High Definition displays process information from SPOTTY and create compelling graphics
  • Feedback modules on the monitors allow for SPOTTY's physical apparatuses to actually interact with the information.
  • Over 1,000 configurations allow for SPOTTY to communicate information or directives to human personnel.

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Be Speedline 200
Feet of SPOTTY.

  • Ultra pressure conveyor belt systems with entrance loops allow for SPOTTY to move individual parts along factory lines.
  • Manufacturing assemblies make use of similar conveyor systems but this one is powered by SPOTTY, making it ever growing
  • Integration into SPOTTY's 'come to life' system allows for automated upgrades and physical changes to the system.

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Programming guide

SDKs are freely available for those who wish to write their own modules for our products but remember that employing the code will integrate your system into SPOTTY's available computers.

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